Lux Sport Socks


Engineered for grip and comfort

Never slip again

Engineered grip socks

We test and engineer our football grip socks so you can be sure that you can trust in them at the most crucial moments in your game, those make-or-break moments when a small slip-up could change the fate of the game


12-Month Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality and durability of our products, they all come with a 12-month warranty so that you can rest assured that you’re getting your value for money

Durability and comfort

Our football socks go through intense testing and are being constantly innovated upon to ensure that they´re exactly what our customers are looking for


The whole ethos at LUX Sports is and will always be to be the only brand to offer football socks of the highest quality that don´t break the bank. Hence, our products are prices to match that ethos.

Customer service

If you ever have any issues with you LUX Sports products, we will endeavour to get them solved. This is reflected in our lifetime guarantee offered all LUX Sports products.