In the realm of football, certain tricks not only showcase a player's skill but also improve their control and fluency with the ball. Among these, the 'Around the World' (ATW) stands out as a mesmerizing feat that combines skill, precision, and control. This trick, where the player loops their foot around the ball in mid-air before it touches the ground, has captivated both players and spectators alike. Whether you're a budding football enthusiast or an aspiring professional, mastering the ATW can significantly enhance your ball control skills. Here's how you can do it.

Understanding 'Around the World'

The ATW trick involves making a 360-degree rotation around the ball with your foot while it is in the air. It requires precise timing, balance, and control. The trick has several variations, including the Complete and Reverse ATW, which involve circling the ball in different directions or using different parts of the foot.

The Importance of Mastering 'Around the World'

Learning the ATW is not just about adding flair to your game; it's about refining your touch and gaining superior control over the ball. This trick forces you to develop a delicate balance and fine-tune your footwork, aspects that are critical in high-level football play. Moreover, the confidence gained from mastering such a trick translates into better performance on the field.

Equipment and Setup

To begin practicing the ATW, all you need is a football ball and a bit of open space. Soft ground or grass is ideal as it reduces the ball's bounce, making it easier to control. Last but not least, wear good anti-slip football socks to keep your grip tight.

Step-by-Step Guide to Performing 'Around the World'

Step 1: Ball Control Basics

First, ensure you're comfortable with basic ball juggling. The trick starts with the ball in the air, so being able to juggle a few times will set a solid foundation.

Step 2: The Initial Lift

Use the top of your foot (laces area) to lightly tap the ball upwards. The goal is to lift it just enough to allow your foot to circle around it.

Step 3: The Motion

As the ball begins to rise, initiate the circular motion with your foot. If you're doing the standard ATW, you'll move your foot around the ball from the outside to the inside. For the Reverse ATW, it's the opposite.

Step 4: Completing the Trick

After circling the ball with your foot, aim to catch it with the same foot or continue juggling. The smoothness of this motion is key to the trick's success.

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Like any skill, consistency is key. Start slowly, focusing on the motion rather than speed. As you get more comfortable, you can increase your pace.




Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many beginners lift the ball too high or lose balance during the motion. Focus on keeping the ball at a manageable height, and use your arms to help maintain balance. Watching slow-motion videos of the trick can also provide valuable insights into the correct technique.

Training Drills and Tips for Improvement

Practice the motion of circling your foot around the ball without the ball. This helps build muscle memory. Also, try practising the ATW with a slightly deflated ball to make it easier to control.


Mastering the 'Around the World' trick is a journey of patience, practice, and persistence. While it may be challenging at first, the improvements in ball control, confidence, and overall skill you'll gain are well worth the effort. Remember, every football great started somewhere, and with dedication you too can elevate your game to new heights.

Embark on this exciting journey to master the ATW, and let the ball be an extension of your creativity on the football field.


How long does it take to master the 'Around the World' trick?

The time it takes varies depending on your starting skill level, practice frequency, and natural aptitude. Some may learn it in a few days, while others might take weeks. Consistent practice is key.

Can I perform the 'Around the World' with both feet?

Yes, it's possible and recommended to learn the trick with both feet. This not only improves your overall skill but also makes you a more versatile player.

Is it easier to perform the ATW with a specific type of football ball?

Not necessarily. However, beginners might find it slightly easier to practice with a standard size 5 ball that's not overly inflated, as it offers better control.

Are there any exercises to improve balance for this trick?

Yes, practicing yoga or simple balance exercises can enhance your stability, making it easier to perform tricks like the ATW.

What's the next trick I should learn after mastering the ATW?

Once you're comfortable with the ATW, you might try advancing to the 'Hop the World' or combining the ATW into your juggling routine for a greater challenge.